Chad F. Minnesota

College Expenses

College is too expensive. If we want our future generations to be college graduates, then we need to change that.

November 8, 2016; Dear future president, education is something that our society needs if we are going to succeed. Schools need more resources in order to pay for enrollment plans and the like. The average cost for an in-state public college is $9,410 a year, that's $784 a month, and that's not even taking the universities and private colleges into account. Most less well off student will not be able to pay for that if they plan to go to college right after high school. The average number of hours worked per week is 34.4 hours, so they'd have to make about $23 an hour, and considering we're talking about people fresh out of high school with minimal work experience who are probably working part time, that's not likely, and what's sad is that that's only an in-state public college. They also have to pay for groceries and rent, and if they're like most Americans, gas is also a credibility. Even if we were to take the best case senecio: they live in Arizona and they go to Dine College, which is $7065 annually; they only ate ramen noodles, three meals a day, $142.65 more; they went to Siegel Suites Tolleson in Tolleson, AZ, $2,508 more; and all of your taxes, 9.25% of your paycheck at minimum. If the average income of a college student is $14,400, which it is according to National Center for Education Statistics, then they are left with only $3,352.35 annually by living off of the cheapest conditions in America. That is only 23.3% of his income. Just a reminder, these are the cheapest conditions. Some people want to go to decent universities, eat actual food, rent nicer apartments, maybe even treat themselves to a movie with overpriced popcorn. This, in my opinion, is absolutely absurd. With this madness you're either in debt to loan sharks or a bank. College needs to be cheaper, and I don't care if means we have raised taxes to make up for it. I'm not saying make it free, but make it reasonable. Sincerely, a future college student