Jordan D. Wisconsin

College Tuition

The cost of college tuition is rising uncontrollably and becoming a major problem

Dear Future President,

Imagine working hard all four years of high school to achieve good grades. Next, imagine seeing your hard work pay off by being accepted into college. Lastly, imagine hearing your parents say they are unable to pay for your college. Throughout your precollege life, people envision having a good paying career that they enjoy. Attending college is the first step in achieving this. The price of college tuition keeps increasing year after year. With no way to resolve it, students are unable to afford the college education they deserve. Everyone should be able to have an equal opportunity when it comes to an education.

The cost of tuition is driving many great, potential students into debt throughout their college years. According to the College Board, “reports that a ‘moderate’ college budget for an in-state public college in 2015-2016 academic year averaged $24,061. A moderate budget at a private college averaged $47,831.” To achieve a bachelor’s degree (typically in four years), the total cost would be $96,244 at a public college and, $191,324 at a private college. Many students have to apply for student loans and financial aid (if they qualify). This leads to many years in debt for students post college. Not only do they have to pay for tuition, but they have to consider how to pay for room and board, books/school supplies, etc. These expenses add up very  quickly throughout the years and can cause more and more stress to students.

College tuition should not be free, but decreased. It creates an opportunity for everyone to get a college education. If tuition is decreased, students could potentially leave college debt free or with little debt left. With a lower tuition, people are more likely to succeed at their goals and dreams. 

Sun Prairie High School

AP Lang and Comp 2

Advanced Placement Language and Composition students.

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