Madison Michigan

Animal Cruelty

My letter is about how people are being rude and nasty to animals. And how they are abusing them.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

The reason I’m here is to inform you and to let you know about this situation. That so many animals get treated like they're just some piece of nothing but,there more a lot more. They’rea living creature and it is not fair to them because they got abused they don't get fairy tails. So 2.7 billion animals die a year because of abuse and starvation. Can you help please help.

Animal abuse should be banned forever there is no reason to do this stuff to any animal and you need to fix this please. First,off the thing I hate most is animals have to live and suffer because of humans. I want you to do something you're the leader in our country you are the one who protects us. How would you feel if this situation was you, you go live how some animals live have you ever thought for one second that you're not the only person or animal that is suffering. .meat chickens then they also lay eggs. Here is what you do you guys put 20 chickens in a little box and then you don't feed them and let them starve then you pull their teeth out then you throw them on the ground and make them suffer put them in a grinder alive. Also I don't want to live in a place that does this stuff to animals and so many people agree with me so if you don't do anything then that si kind of rude and on their side what if that was you dyeing and in pain no family no anything so if I were you I would do something now. Get up go find every person who does that then kill them if you don't do anything then you're not right for president protect of animals and protect U.S you can't protect animals then you can't protect us.

How you can help is band this nonsense and give china and all people food and go to home and farm and make sure they are no people are not abusing animals. So you can do something. Please it would be so thoughtful

Animal abuse should be banned forever. So, what the do to cows is workers punch,kick and whip sick and injured animals. First of all the reason the cows are sick is because of the farmers and their owners and there indulged also because of the farmers get comfy president because you're about to cry . Cows all animals actually sick an enlarged animals don't get the care they deserve. So you actually don't have the good meat it will be browsed. You need to fix this because no one likes that china people abuse people animals and could be you you turn into a pig or cow at this place you see how bad it hurts. Or you get in the grinder alike FIX THIS!!!.

Animal abuse should be banned forever. This is Sara's story the cow. According to Mercy for animals “sara swollen udder was sagging beneath her she was forced to give 140 pounds of milk a day and her calves were beaten more” this is not all. In a dark shed she was kept in Sara and fellow cows were driven to milking booths 3 times a day. Eventually her udder got so swollen from them better her it would drag on the ground so she had trouble walking. When she did slip and fall she got beaten and whipped,by chains,and bars to stand up and keep moving almost breaking her back. Like human mothers they only give milk after they give birth. Sara had calfs so much over and over again. Her baby would be taken away that day she gave birth for milk Sara bellowed and bellowed for her baby cow. If she gave birth to a bull they sold to veal farmers who would chain by the neck in solitary pens. Any girls she gave birth to would be dairy cows.This afdal cycle would be done over and over again she started doing this since she was five years old. When the day came they spotted her in pain and sold to whole grain now whole grain wow she should be better than whole grain.

This should be banned if you're still reading you should be concerned you should make a law that is this You can get animals make meat but you can't abuse them do anything to harm them hurt them you shoot them in the head that is what you should do not be cruel or let your anger out because people are retarded. People are not supposed to be doing this entelegent humans shouldn't beat other intelligent animals and humans.

Now, this is how to fix it we can make a new law or we can donate a small loan of a million dollars. Also, just be kind to our animals not let our anger out on them. Credit to Dalai lama Our prime purpose in life is to help others not hurt them. You can well we can just go to places and have animals to have peaceful deaths and not them die all alone and in pane to my concern please please help your our only hope at this point. Also the almost actually kill other chickens so you don't have as much as you should this is what you should do. First you Feed them a lot of food then you will get. With chickens you know them well not harm them then they will give more eggs you should just be nice not kill them the more you kill the less eggs and when the chicken stops lying what you do is shoot them in the head and make sure there died.


Madison Labrie