Ty J. Michigan

Gun Rights

People should have guns if they want one.

Ty J.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Gun Rights

I think that gun rights is an important topic people have been taking them away from us also I think that most people want them. So I think that we should have guns.

I’m going to tell you why we should have guns. One reason is for safety. ProCon.org says there are 88.8 guns guns per 100 people. Also, for protection if someone breaks into your house you could protect yourself. Another thing is that people like to go hunting and they need a gun to go hunting. All these thing are why we should have guns. Finally, ProCon.org says it is also the Second Amendment.

A problem or solution is that if someone wants a gun than they should have to run a background check on them before they get the gun that they wanted or they don't get the gun. Another thing is that they need to be very safe with the gun and if people did not have guns they couldn't protect themselves from people or even animals. Finally, Obama has been taking away guns that we have bought for what ever we need them for and it is not far for the people that didn’t do anything.