sydney Michigan

Animal Cruelty

Animals are being abused, please put yourself out there and help them.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President,

Let's take some time to think about how bad animals are being treated. I believe that animals shouldn't be abused. Just because some animals are uglier than others, that doesn't mean you can abuse it and it won't hurt, or possibly kill the animal. I believe that all animals should be treated like humans because they are living things too.

Here is a reason I think it's bad to abuse animals. The reason is, when you hurt animals you most likely hurt other people too. When I see an abused animal I feel like helping it out. It makes me sad, so it hurts me when I see an animal that has been not treated as expected. It hurts me and mostly other people, who like animals. I specifically dislike people who abuse animals, because they are living things. If you were that dog, cat, or any animal would you want to be treated like that? They should be treated like humans. Also, some animals are used for food and fur. I understand, for food and blankets or jackets, but to put it that way makes it sound sad.

Now, according to “,” One late afternoon, last year, in Southwest Baltimore, a two year old female pitbull terrier was doused in gasoline and set alight. I think that is sad that such a mean person would do that to a poor innocent dog. I don't think if that person who was abusing the dog would not want to be that dog. Also, chimps/monkeys are in need of food and help. They need help with food because they can diae and come extinct. I wish I could help with the animals, but it is not my job and I don't have enough food for the animal.

Some possible solutions for curing animal abuse are, people can go in the wild and plant some food trees. So, when they grow the animals can eat the food and stay healthy and alive. Also, we can make animal abuse illegal and whoever abuses an animal goes to jail. Another thing is, stop animal testing. When we animal test things can go wrong and hurt the animal. The last thing is to have national dog days where people help dogs. So, please make these things happen and it will make me happy, and the dogs happy too.