Nicklas Michigan

Dog Fighting

About 20,000 dogs die each year from dog fighting.

November 3, 2016

Dear Next President

I think that dog fighting in America is a huge problem because about 20,000 dogs die each year. Second Athletes are doing it now. Lastly It's highly illegal but yet gang members still do it for money in vacant buildings.

First, a simple way to fix this problem is to tell your local police. Or tear down vacant buildings. I have had past experience with dog fighting, when I was young my grandpa's neighbor had two pit bulls that he used to make fight. According to aspca about 20,000 dogs die each year from dog fighting. Another way to make sure it's dog fighting check for heavy chains and breaking sticks.

Secondly, one of the biggest quarterback in the league is doing it Michael Vick who plays for the eagles and they suspended him from the team. According to aspca you can stop a dog fight by being calm and nice to the dogs.

Lastly, in 2015 82% of dogs used in dog fights were pit bulls and 34 people died that's more than 3 years of shark attacks. Whats sad is people dont realise how dangerous dog fighting is and that's a problem i want to stop.

In conclusion i think dog fighting is a huge problem in america because so many people do it, Gangs do it in vacant buildings and its super dangerous and a lot of people die from it.That is why I think it is such a big problem.