Cadence Michigan

Why uniforms shouldn't exist

We do not need uniforms to express equality.

Dear Next President,

The problem is that some people like uniforms. Uniforms are mostly in private schools, but even some public schools have uniforms.

Some people say that uniforms have an effect on how many gangs are formed, because the kids that wear gang-related clothes, such as wearing chains and bandannas, would be more noticeable and get invited to join other gangs. A better way to fix the problem of gangs forming is to invite students to do other things and be involved with school.

One reason some are for uniforms is it keeps kids from picking on each other for being poor. However, the people who tend to buy more trendy, expensive things are going to always find a way to be expensive, whether it is wearing a bow or trendy shoes or wearing jewelry.

I think kids should be able to wear what they want . It shows who they are. Uniforms just cover up who you are. Wearing what you want shows who you are; it shows your personality.

I believe that if everybody was handled right at their schools, then we would be able to wear what we want to tell people who we are. Dressing in what you want does not show whether you are rich or poor, it only who you are. I hope that you understand that we do not need uniforms to express equality. We need to be ourselves, wear what we want and not get judged for it. If schools have uniforms, it will send the wrong message. So please, Next President, understand that we do not need uniforms to express ourselves.



7th grade 

Evart Middle School

Evart, Michigan