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What are you going to do to change it?

Dear Future President,

Abortion laws are not being used as the law intends them to be used.  I believe that abortion laws should limit access to abortion, requiring current laws to be changed dramatically. Twenty-one percent of pregnancies end in abortion.  What could we do to reduce that number so that innocent lives can be saved?

Some women are getting abortions for selfish reasons.  For example, unmarried women account for 85.3% of all abortions.   Why?   Is it because they thought it was okay to rush into something and have unprotected sex and not think about the consequences that follow?  If current laws were changed to include that access to abortion is only provided if the mother's life is in danger, we could eliminate the greatest portion of abortions.  Statistics show that only 12% of women have physical problems causing them to choose abortion.  How can we encourage them to choose life?  

Adoption.   Adoption is a choice!   Many couples cannot have children on their own but would love to adopt a baby.   The website reports that, "thirty-six couples wait for every one baby who is adopted."  Furthermore, American Adoptions reports that, "62 percent of children adopted privately are placed with the adoptive family when they are newborns or less than one year old. 88 percent of adoptive parents describe themselves as a “happy” couple, while 83 percent of non-adoptive parents describe themselves as a “happy” couple."  Sadly, while that couple is crying because they cannot reproduce, there will be a girl in a doctor's office waiting to end the pregnancy that could have prevented.  Health problems with your reproductive system isn't a choice, ABORTION is.  

Some argue that abortion laws need to remain open for women whose pregnancy has been diagnosed as high risk or dangerous who may need access to safe efficient medical care.  Specifically, abortion laws allow medical intervention in pregnancies up to 36 weeks.  Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton agrees with current law allowing abortions up to  36 weeks citing the health of the mother.  I take into consideration that  the mother's life matters too, but only 12% of women are getting abortions because of health reasons ( The other percent are doing it for selfish reasons. 1/2 of women that are pregnant are saying that they do not want to  have problems with their husband or partner, 3/4 of women report that they cannot afford to have a baby,  and another 3/4 of women report that the baby with interfere with school, work, and other responsibilities.  Future President, how will you promote a climate/legislation that considers what women are reporting as barriers for child birth in order to reduce abortion as the solution?

In conclusion, our next president needs to focus on pro-life ideals;  children do not ask to be born- they can not speak for themselves before birth and make their "parents" think of the consequences of unplanned pregnancy.   Future President, children are the greatest natural resource the United States should be protecting.  Just like we protect our waters, forests, and atmosphere, our next president should make protecting our nation's babies a priority by working with congress to rewrite abortion laws that promote/incentivize adoption and encourage mothers to seek alternatives to abortion.  Abortion can be prevented.


 Erin C.

Whittemore-Prescott Jr/Sr High School

Writing for Publication Fall 2016

Writing for Publication class semester I 2016-17

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