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Problems With Gun Control

Gun control will destroy America

Letter to next president

Dear Next President

Gun control (or firearm regulation) is the set of laws or policies that regulate the manufacture, sale, transfer, possession, modification, or use of firearms by civilians. When someone reads this like Hillary Clinton what comes to mind is a dream, a fantasy, a world where there is no guns in the us with no murders by a firearm no school shootings a perfect peaceful world, but when I read this I think of a country where the murder rate goes up and there will be citizens without guns to protect themselves. The only thing gun control is doing is taking guns out of good honest citizens that have licenses and have never abused a gun, they're keeping them in criminals that are not allowed to carry a weapon or even own one. Soe will argue that since there is gun gun control that no one will have guns and we will all be a lot safer but how are cops supposed to take guns away from criminals, they will always be able to get a new gun and more. Just because there is a law doesn't mean anything will change and the firearm murder rate suddenly goes down to near nothing and everyone doesn't own a gun just because you take away criminals guns doesn't mean they're not dangerous and will not kill. It's not the gun that kills it's the person carrying it. Some people will say that if we pass gun control there would be no violence and the murder rate will go down but there will always be people to get guns from and there will always be murders even if they don't have a gun. They will also say that you won't need a gun to protect yourself because no one will have a gun but that is untrue how are cops supposed to stop people from getting guns they have been trying to get rid of guns without serial numbers or ghost guns, just because a law is passed doesn't mean anything will change. Secondly it's our right to bare arms and protect our self and they can't take away our amendment right. Lastly letting staff members on college campuses that have licences to carry a concealed weapon should be able to carry a concealed weapon on a college campus this would make a campus a lot more safe for the students and the staff they wouldn't have to wait 10 minutes for the police to show up.

Firstly, the opposing view of gun control someone who doesn't own a gun or been in a situation where they needed a gun to protect themselves or who has never needed a firearm to feel safe or walk home from work at night in a dangerous place or own Someone like Hillary that is trying to take guns out of good Citizens that never abused a gun. Some like that should not be able to say anything because they only care about how it affects them and not how it affects others. They don't care about people in Detroit that need a gun just to protect themselves or people who use guns for hunting or people who grew up using a gun and own guns know some people completely utterly oblivious or just don't care what will happen to people how carry a gun every where they go or who use guns to protect Themselves. People say the murder rate will go down double or maybe triple but they're picturing something that probably will never happen just because you take away criminals guns doesn't meant they can't get more and will stop killing. Gun control is like prohibition people will keep getting guns like they got alcohol and gun control will crash and burn like prohibition in no time. There is no evidence supporting that concealed permit owners create more violence in society. Instead of spending millions of dollars taking guns away from people with gun concealed licence they should spend the moilins on taking guns away from people that own illegal guns or have used the for criminal activity then the murder rate would actually go down.according to adam winkler professor at ucla concealed permit holders they actually reduce. People with a concealed firearm permit actually respect the law and and more likely to not break the law. Today, the murder rate is actually half of what is was 20 years ago.

A well regulated military being necessary to the security of the free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. We have the right to protect ourselves and carry a concealed firearm. They can't take away our amendment to protect our self and carry a firearm. How are people supposed to protect themselves from people with illegal guns. There are studies showing that there are about eight hundred thirty thousand and two point million defensive uses of a firearm a year. If you took away guns from concealed firearm owners the murder rate will go up because gun control is taking away guns and with out a gun most people won't be able to protect themselves.

We all hear about school shootings with 20,30 or more dead they could all be stopped if we let staff members with licence to carry firearms on school campuses. It take cops around 9 or less minutes to show up and that's not including the people in the school to call and the cops to get into the school and find the shooter by then the shooter could have killed a dozen students. There could be no more school shootings if they schools let staff members carry a concealed firearm. Some people would say that the staff are not qualified to stop a school shooter but they don't even have to shoot a bullet they could just overwhelm the shooter and they will have classes to be trained, they can also use hollow tip bullets or even sandbags so no one will have to die. Something so simple as letting staff Members carry a firearm. In 2012 a twenty year old killed twenty six people, twenty first grade students and six adults, at sandy hook elementary this could have all been stopped and you would never have to hear about a dozen of 6 year old kid if guns were allowed on school campuses. At virginia tech, a shooter killed 30 students and faculty members in the ten minutes it took the police to arrive and penetrate the building he had blockhead. No parent should have to hear that their child got shoot because it took the cops ten minutes to show up and no one else was allowed to do and thing else but just watch. These colleges are still not letting adults with state issued concealed carry permits to carry a concealed firearm onto campuses. We have the right to bear arms and protect ourselves, after all of these school these staff members should be able to protect himself and others

Future president you have the ability and power to stop gun control. Gun control will destroy This country and it's your job from letting that happen.

Sincerely Matt. A

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