Ethan C. Michigan

Drunk Driving

Make The United States more safe.

Dear, President

       According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention there is one death caused by impaired driving every 53 minutes. That rounds up to 9,917 deaths per year, in ten years that is 99,170 deaths due to impaired driving. These numbers are way to high, and I want to do something about it. I want to make America safer, starting off with impaired driving and cutting down on the number of lives taken from this selfish dead.

      My thought is to make the drunk driving laws more permanent and educate the younger generations. If caught over the legal blood alcohol limit 0.08%, the fines should be bigger, and the punishment should be more permanent. By this I mean that their car should get towed and they get their licence suspended for a year, along with a night in jail. With the fines being greater, we can use the money to to educate the younger generations about driving under the influence. We would teach them at a younger age about the laws and the dangers, hopefully putting a mentality that driving drunk is bad, and that they should not do it.

        In conclusion I want to make America a safer place starting with cutting down on impaired driving. I would make the fines greater and the punishments more permanent. With me one year away from driving, I really want to make the roads safer for me and my peers, and everyone else in the United States. 


                                                                                                                                        Ethan C.