Katie B. Michigan

Child Abuse

Why and how you should address child abuse.

Dear Future President,

As the leader of this country I think you need to address the fact that child abuse still exist and it shouldn’t. I had friend before who had not so great parents. These parents were verbally and physically abusive, I didn’t notice their parents were this way until they got caught and went to jail. They were just so good at hiding it, that no one notice, but it did happen and it's not okay. Kids have been killed before by their abusive parents or parent, that can’t happen. Acording to Dosomething.org approximately 5 kids die everyday from child abuse. When you see a fact like this you ask yourself, how and why? How could a parent ever hurt their child. Or why would a parent have a child. I don’t know the full reason why and how but i can say that they must not be mentally stable.

I think you should attack this issue ny proposing a new law that is enforced by your closet cops and social workers. I think the law you sound something like every month a cop or social work will come to your door and do a routine house and life check, and every year parents and kids will have to go the doctors and get physically and mentally checked. Yes, this law can be adjust to fit what you think fits. Also yes, there are pros and cons to this new law but if it could save a child's life i'm okay with it.


Katie Bauer