Evan Michigan

College Tuition

I am trying to get the president to notice the prices for college is ridiculous.

Dear Mr./Mrs.


There must be a lot going on right now with presidential candidacy but please take a

minute to think back. How much did your college education/experience cost? Now look back to

present times and notice the significant difference between college prices from when you

graduated to when people graduate in 2016. The prices have skyrocketed and it is ridiculous.

I believe that everyone should be able to go to college and have a good job. But when

you have a job, you need a car and to store your car you need a house. Along with a house, you

have several different types of taxes you have to pay, such as the water bill and electricity bill.

You can't pay those with a bad job.

I also believe that people should notice this problem and try to fix it. I am a 9th grade

student and I am hoping to attend college after I graduate in 2020 from my high school. But, I

am unaware if I will have enough money to pay the all around price for college. If we could

increase the taxing of Wall Street like Bernie Sanders said, we would be able to make public

colleges and universities free. He believes we should study harder if we have the privilege of

free college, and I agree with him.

I know I am not the only person in this nation that is concerned about this issue. We

need quite a lot of money to afford college and even more to afford everything else in life. So we

shouldn't spend our money throughout the years trying to pay our debts off. If you want a better

future for us, you'll look into this problem.