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Voting Rights

A little something something for what I believe on the topic of voting rights.

Dear Future President,

As election day gets closer and closer, we the people find it harder and harder to cast in a ballot. Though registering to vote can be time-consuming and an obstacle for voting rights, the actual voting is a potential hassle. Voting is too costly, difficult, and unfair. Voting is an effective and responsible method of expressing opinion and choice and that is why we need to make it possible for EVERYONE to vote.

The Organization, Science News for Students says “Data shows that the single biggest predictor of whether someone will vote is whether they hold a college degree.” Voting is connected to education. Studies says that college graduates are more likely to look up politics. College graduates will have college graduate friends who also are interested in politics. So that their environment makes them more interested in politics. Meanwhile, people without college degree are connected other people who aren’t interested in politics which creates a domino effect for voters. We need to better educate people so that people become informed and interested in politics.

According to the Washington Post, more than 20 states have voter-identification laws — rules requiring registered voters to supply specific forms of identification at polling sites before they can cast a ballot. Who does these laws apply to? Minorities. Lower-income and minority voters don’t show up and vote because they have to spend a majority of their time running errands trying to obtain these identification. Most of the time, they will be required to visit the offices during times when they are scheduled to work. Fees are sometimes involved as well. Having already low-income, why would they spend money and time in voting?

Based on Graciela, a guest speaker (a politician who studies statistics) in our school, most people in our community don’t vote because voter ballot drop offs in our community are too far away while mailing in our ballots are too expensive. Many people can argue, why not just mail your votes if you don’t want to wait in lines? This applies mostly to minorities and the poor since less voter ballot drop offs will be in minority communities and poor communities. The poor also won’t have enough money to provide stamps for their votes. We need to create more voter ballots throughout our nation especially in the small and poor communities.

We are all immigrants! The only people who should truly call themselves “American” are the native tribes that were here before British Colonizers started terrorizing and claiming America theirs. If anything, every individual should be able to vote. I had started working at the age of 16 during sophomore year. When payroll was over and I went to go cash in my paycheck it was difficult because I didn’t have an ID. I had two options and it was to pay for my ID now or wait to do my written test to get a form of ID that can benefit myself as well. As I went through this process, I realized it was such a hassle to just get an ID for one reason. So imagine it for others who aren’t able to obtain one but wants to participate in voting

In Conclusion, we need to make voting accessible (for the minorities), less expensive (for the poor), and lastly, we need to educate our young people so that they will become interested in politics. Most people come to America for better opportunities and if we’re going to be here and make a living, we need to raise our voice to create a better society. Not for only us, but for our future descendants as well.



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