Aniya C. Washington

Police Brutality

Police Brutality is a huge issue in America, and I will discuss what needs to be done by our next president.

Dr. Future President,

Police Brutality is a serious issue in America. You turn on the TV, and you see that yet another person has been shot dead by a police officer, for little to no reasoning. Besides the fact that police officers are offing random individuals, predominantly African-American males, no one seems to really be doing anything about this issue. People speak about how it’s terrible that this is happening, but haven’t made a move to fix things and at least try to make it better. Everyone sees what has been happening, and continuing to happen, they’re scared and don’t know if there will be an end to this. The worst thing that a civilian could do is spectate a dangerous scene, and not even try to do something to stop it.

There’s been an issue with police ever since the first ever police force was created. Their slogan/goal was to: “protect the slave owners and enforce the control of the slave population”. Seeing how they acted back then during slavery, and how they’re acting now with African-Americans, many people feel as though the police are reverting back to their old ways, which is not only terrifying for African-Americans, but for people of all nationalities. These are things we should not have to fear as human beings. Michael Brown, 18, shot by police officer Darren Wilson, August 9th, 2014. Tamir Rice, 12, shot on November 22nd, 2014. VonDerrit Myers Jr., 18, shot by officer Jason Flannery, early October 2014. Sandra Bland, 28, “suicide” in her jail cell, July 13th, 2015. There are so many more than the ones that are listed, but these are just a few of the lives that have been taken by the police out of the 100s that continue to be taken each day that we do not do anything about this.

Being an African-American young woman, it is extremely terrifying to watch my fellow brothers and sisters being shot and gunned down, for these astronomically made up stories by policemen who just want to kill off yet another Black individual. It’s not right, it isn’t fair, and it should not continue to happen, but it does. I used to be so happy growing up as a young girl, bright eyes ready to take the world by storm, but now I’m not sure if I will even live to achieve those dreams if I get stopped by a police officer. Will they spare me? Will I be greeted with a nice police officer, or will I have to really convince them that I am not going to do anything to harm them? This is something that I shouldn’t have to worry about, my only stresses should be focusing on school and my dreams, not on whether I will get shot or die within the next few years because one cop didn’t think that I deserved to live.

This has got to be the biggest presidential election in American history. It is up to our next president to revolutionize our country and change this world for the better. Mr./Mrs. President, I bid you good luck on your presidency, and I hope that you make the right decisions for our nation.



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