Kevin V. Washington

Did someone say unlimited energy?

Fossil fuels have been polluted our earth for hundreds of years, and we must switch to renewable energy sources to benefit America as a whole.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

We, the people of America, need to realize that if we do not switch to a more efficient energy source, all of our lives will be in danger. America has been reliant on fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, nearly 200 years ago. Imagine how much carbon dioxide has been released into our atmosphere and poisoning our air since then. We have reached a time in our world where we can make the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy, so why don’t we? As a country, it does not seem as if we are concerned for our precious earth, it does not seem like we are concerned for generations of humans to come, and it does not seem like we are concerned for our own lives. The continuing use of fossil fuels will eventually lead to the death of all live on earth, so we must switch to renewable energy such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric, to benefit everyone’s lives.

There are many benefits that transitioning to renewable energy will give. For example, relying on renewable energy means that we never have to worry about our source becoming depleted (Union of Concerned Scientists). Fossil fuels will not last us forever, and we should not wait until that resource is scarce for us to switch to a more eco-friendly and efficient source of energy. Switching to solar or wind energy also means that we’ll be able to effectively power all the homes in America without worrying about pollution. Also Also according to the Union of Concerned Scientists, renewable energy sources emit significantly less carbon dioxide than the use of fossil fuels. With the use of renewable energy, America’s health will not be put at stake because of high levels in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Another benefit that the transition to renewable energy would give is that more jobs would be created in the industry (Union of Concerned Scientists). Jobs such in the solar, wind, and hydroelectric fields would increase dramatically. This will not only make our economy stronger, but allow for the transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy happen quicker because more people would contribute to the switch.

In the long run, fossil fuels will not be able to efficiently provide earth with the energy that we are demanding. It’s frightening to know that the rapid use of fossil fuels is emitting so much carbon dioxide that it is affecting our atmosphere. We can’t continue to poison our earth more than we already have. I do not want to be concerned about the air I am breathing. It creates such a huge inconvenience in my life, and everyone else’s. I have never second guessed the quality of the air that I breathe, and I would never like to. The next President of the United States must make the switch to renewable energy for the sake of our public well-being and for the sake of our earth. Without earth, there is no life, so we must consider the damages that fossil fuels are doing to our planet.



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