Ifrah H. Washington


Islamophobia needs to come to an end.

Dear Madam or Mr. President,

I want to share a personal story with you. A few months ago, I was on my way home taking the public transportation. I greeted the bus driver and payed the bus fair. As i was headed to find a seat, a white man rose out of his seat in the back, I thought he was getting up for me but i was indeed wrong. He screamed pacing back and forth. He says, “Everyone run get out the bus, a terrorist just came on the bus, she’s probably with ISIS. Save yourselves. She has a bomb. Look how big her backpack is.” The majority of the people on the bus were getting rattled. All eyes were on me. I was shook. Stood there dumbstruck not knowing what to do or say. Tears unexpectedly started rolling down my cheeks. I confronted him. Told him that I am a human that regardless of his fears and his ignorance i don’t deserve to be stereotyped. Imagine that happened to someone more conservative. What if they couldn’t speak up against hate and were mentally scared. Couldn’t it all avoided? There are plenty of cases where Muslim people have been targeted. New York Times, reported a muslim woman wearing her traditional garment was set on fire during Eid an islamic holiday. In addition CNN also reported a youtube commenter said, “Kick them all out and put the rest in detainment camps. Enough with the Pc feces.” The commenter was referring to Muslims

Even though that isn’t acceptable I totally understand where people are coming from. A lot of criminals claiming to be muslim have done an awful lot of horrible things. From 9/11, the Orlando shooting and the Paris attack, people have the right to feel afraid, but did you know that 3,000 people in the Chicago, Illinois area alone died because of gun violence within just one year. Imagine if only 5 of those people were Muslim. The whole world would up in arms and scrutinizing them whereas they pay no notice to the 3,000 in Chicago. It is impossible for us to logically tackle social injustices when our emotions are fear are greatly misplaced. Phobias are based on illogical fears of something. Islamophobia by definition is a mental illness. We need you as the president of the united states to re educate the people of America because it dangerous. Less than 1,000 people are dying because of Muslim based crimes. While as we have 600,000 more things to worry about. From unemployment, issues of poverty, overpopulated jail systems, gender and race inequality, the price of college, war across the earth to climate change.These are all real issues we as the people of America need to be more focused on.

Future president of the United States, everything starts and ends with you.You can put an end to Islamophobia. By using your position as a president to stop stereotypes and spreading bigotry about muslims. By not associating muslims with ISIS and using the word “Terrorism” in the right context. It is extremely important that you as the president of the United States tell people that even though some fears of muslims are justified they do not compare to the greater threat killing our people.



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