Jonathan Washington

Syrian Refugees

Syrian Refugees have had enough hardships. Its time we lend a helping hand.

Dear Future President,

I would like to speak to you about the issue overseas. The Syrian Refugees. Their homes are turned into a war zone, forcing them to flee. There are some who are alone and don’t have anyone. Children who’ve become orphans. Husbands and wives that have been forced into widowhood. Fathers and mothers who have lost those titles. But we have the opportunity to make sure that doesn't happen. We can welcome them. Give them a chance for a future.

NBC News reported about a man named Mahrous al-Tukhie who was asleep when rockets packed with a deadly nerve agent sarin exploded near their home. As he got one his sons to safety he returned to get the rest of his family. He then saw his son Adnan, two daughters Salma and Ruba, and his wife Haifa, suffering on the ground not being able to breath. Until their lives were taken from them. It was not only Mahrous al-Tukhie’s family, but every house nearby. Other families were carrying their loved ones lifeless bodies in their arms. He described it as follows “People were screaming and covering their faces….Death was everywhere.” Death was surrounding his home. Home. It's a place where you shouldn't ever think you are in danger.

There was a documentary called the “Forgotten Children” which speaks about the 90,000 refugees without parents in Europe. “Nagham, 12 and her 13 year-old-brother Mohamed fled the Syrian city of Aleppo after they were orphaned. Their mother was killed in an airstrike, their family home destroyed and their father was kidnapped at gunpoint by a faction fighting in their country’s civil war five years ago.” After these events they came to Europe with their aunt and uncle on a boat, nearly drowning. “Their home is now a derelict petrol station in Northern Greece. There are no showers or toilets and they sleep in a tent.” These kids don’t deserve any of this. In their childhood all they have known is war. How to live in a place that isn’t truly a home. For them every day is a battle. Worrying about food, water, where they’re going to sleep. We can help put an end to this.

Also CNN reported that according to the United Nations 3,771 were lost during 2015. These people lose their home from a war that they are not even apart of. But even looking for a new home is too dangerous. They risk their lives leaving. We should open the doors and help them. Those who flee on boats have a chance of not making it, and days later their bodies wash up on the shore.they leave wanting a better life for themselves and their family. But in the end they end up losing it.

The reason I want to bring this issue to your attention is because I feel deeply sorrowed for the kids that leave a warzone but then come to a place where they don’t even have a roof over their heads. But most just have a tent. I myself don’t live with my parents. But, I’m able to stay with a family friend. Because of that I am so grateful that I have a place to rest without any worries. But these kids don’t have that.

I urge you future President, relieve those families from their suffering. You are the leader of the free world, allow these children to enter the land of the free, home of the brave. For they themselves have been brave. That is what I ask of you. For them.



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