Frank Washington

The End of Police Brutality

Many families have suffered from police brutality and it needs needs to come to an end. Killing random citizens for unnecessary reason is a no go.

Police Brutality

Dear Future President,

How many more families have to suffer from police brutality? When is this going to stop? Who is next? I am writing this letter in regards to putting an end to police brutality happening in the United States. This is affecting families because police officers have abused their power and have taken the lives of their loved ones. They are using unnecessary force against minorities and communities underserved across the country and it is becoming a huge issue. Not only are families losing their loved ones but this is all due to ongoing racism. White supremacy has become an issue to their particular communities and makes individuals feel unprotected since they have become easy targets.

People are getting killed by police because they use unnecessary force. According to the article by Celisa Calacal in 2016, “ 939 people who have died at the hands of police” (Celisa Calacal). If you think about it, all 939 people had families that they had to go to. Imagine coming home from a long day at work and the state knocking on your door saying your son, daughter, or one of your love ones have been killed and you wonder why and what happened? The worst part about this is police officer are justified as “defending themselves” and it’s sometimes right and sometimes not but it’s unfair. Police are abusing their power and shooting for no reasons. Families are destroyed around the United State because they are losing their loved ones.

We need to stand together to end police brutality racism that is going on. Nobody deserves to be treated different because of their skin color and the way they look. African American are getting killed because of who they are and their stereotypes. July 17, 2014 Eric Garner, an African American, was choked to death in Staten Island by an officer named Daniel Pantaleo because he refused to be detained and frisked. Garner was unarmed before being choked and begged for air 11 times and the officers called for paramedics to the scene to check up on Garner but they thought he was faking it but one hour later he was announced dead. Pantaleo was not charged for the murder of Garner and has been earning over $100,000 a year since the incident. Garner’s family suffered from their lost and received no justice.

In conclusion, I believe that police brutality has gone way to far and it needs to stop. I want you to stand up and make a difference to better the society and the community so that people can feel safe. Police are spouse to protect us not cause fear. We need to put an end to police brutality so that no citizen should feel this way. I hope you understand where I’m coming from, so that you can do something about it because no one should be treated this way. It has gone on way to far and people are ready for it to end.