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Help Us, We are Dying!

This letter is about the police officers abuse against Latinos and African Americans.

Dear future President of the United States,

One issue in the United States is than police officers overuse their power.My name is Emily, I am a student at Locke High School and I am an eleventh grader.The reason that is making me write this letter is to receive your help! You might know that police officers are over abusing of their power for a long time. I want you to help the U.S community to keep safe from our heroes that are called police officers. Police officers had been shooting by minor issues that could be solved without violence.

According with the article called “6 Latinos Killed by US Cops this week” by TeleSur television network. 14 of each 23 persons killed were Latino!. They wrote “14 of the 23 people killed by police last year were Latino”. It means that in Los Angeles more than the half were latino and they were killed by the police. I do not agree with it because it is showing too many latino people are dying because of police officers violence.

Another reason is that people are afraid to wake up and realize than their children were killed by police. According to an interview from the play “Twilight, Los Angeles 1992”Theresa Allison demands, “they’ve done it to my kid, They’ll do it to your kid”(38). Which means that the community of Los Angeles do not feel safe with the way that officers are doing their job. Theresa Allison wants justice.

Last reason is that community cannot be safe with the officer's behavior. According to the interview “My enemy” by Rudy SAlas from the book Twilight, Los Angeles 1992. Rudy Salas became deaf by police officers fault. Rudy says “As a result of the kicks in the head, they fractured my eardrum and I couldn't hear on both ears, I was deaf” (5). It means that officers overused their power with Rudy Salas. Which means that they marked Rudy's life forever because he would never hear something.

I already gave you three differents events that shows you the injustice that cops make in society. Police officers should get another treat of being trained. They have to change their behaviour because mostly of the time they overreact with Latinos and Africans Americans. It is obviously showing that cops had been racist. I want you to change this issues with police officers because as a future president you need to watch out for the all Americans healthy. I will be so thankful if you consider my later and change this big issue.



Alain LeRoy Locke College Preparatory Academy

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ELD students at Alain LeRoy Locke High School.

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