richard f. Washington

Gun Control: Good or Bad

My thoughts and ideas on gun control

Dear future president,

I would like to tell you the good and bad sides of gun control for you to use later. First off, there are more good people then bad people. Restricting everyone from guns is pointless because they will find some way to get a gun no matter what, and i am sure people can get creative and use something else like a knife or a crossbow...or a freaking bomb. Granted it will cut down on "some" murders but then again, you don't need a gun to terrify someone or to hurt someone. In fact you could use your fists. Guns are just a tool. People die more from cars than guns yet cars are not being banned. If a gun is so dangerous then what kind of gun did jack the ripper or Vlad the impaler use? Some of the worst murders never involved a gun. In fact, the only guns that kill people, are either at war, or in the hands of an idiot or psychopath. I hope you can find some way to warn people of guns and other tools and not just blame the guns not the people.

-sincerely a concerned citizen

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