Kaylee W. Georgia

Police Violence

Police violence is a very large problem.

Dear Next President,

Congratulations, you have officially survived and won the Presidential Election, but now you have a WAY bigger task on your hands; actually being the President. As the President, one of your biggest problems right now is police violence. Children that used to adore and admire policemen now cower in their wake. According to Issues: Understanding Controversy and Society, 6.48 per million people are killed in a homicide committed by policemen every year! And it’s getting worse, this needs to stop now!

Now I’m not all complain no solution, so here are a few ways I believe could help you to start fixing and getting rid of this problem. One way, is to give all police officers guns that don’t shoot unless the gun registers another gunshot first. I understand that there are definitely a few flaws in this design, because now the police officers have to wait to get shot at before they can shoot, putting them in much more danger. But if you think about it that’s their job; to protect the citizens of their area, not themselves. If they wanted to stay out of harm’s way and not be frightened, they should have become a lawyer.

Speaking of lawyers, I feel that all policemen who break the rules and do the wrong things should have to get one. According to the Washington Post, “About 72 percent of officers charged in cases with known outcomes are convicted; more than 40 percent of the crimes are committed on duty”. This is way to little, that means 28 percent aren’t being convicted. When policemen are corrupt and dishonest, or not following the correct procedure and abusing their power, such as withholding evidence, or even commissioning assault, theft, or murder, they need to be punished like the rest of us. If you were to walk down the road and shoot a smiling dog that you thought was growling at you, you would be sent to jail or at least impeached. While a police officer can shot and kill an unarmed HUMAN BEING with no consequences whatsoever. Therefore, I propose that you create a bill stating that any police officers who break any kind of law, lose their job and be sent to court.

The last way that I believe will fix this very concerning problem is by doing this. First, you recall all of the guns made and sold by major gun companies. Then, pass a law that states that all legal guns MUST have a certain kind of metal that is easily detectible by a sensor. If you want, it would be sensible to add that each state can pick what metal and what sensor they would like to use. Just make sure it gets across that if a person in the state has a gun and it is not detectable by the certain sensors approved by that state, it is illegal. After this second step, require all policemen to carry the gun sensor approved by the state. This way there could not even be a question as to if the policemen should be on guard for a gun or not, because they would easily be able to detect it.

I understand that these outlines are not foolproof, or the ideal way to handle these problems. But this is what I believe would help to smolder the flame of this problem. Now, I leave it up to you to revise and complete my suggestions, or choose to use them at all, but all I ask of you is to make sure that you fix this problem somehow. Because your citizens are dying by the people who are supposed to be protecting them, and in 2016 this is unacceptable.