Tyler Amin Washington


Nohl 5th 11/7/16 Dear future President, The importance behind making child care universal is to ensure that young children are in a safe environment that makes them happy and challenges them to be great. While parents go to work, they need to know that their children are in good hands, safe and will be properly developed and ready to enter elementary school. An elementary school in Tennessee did a study and said “ Proper child care is important because between the ages 0-5 development of the brain is very sensitive and over 90% of it grows during the childcare stages.” Without safe, reliable and productive child care, infants of the future are at risk of not having proper brain development and without this key concept in the child's life they might have issues communicating with other kids and many other severe disadvantages. Teachers also say “ Infants who are in childcare from ages 0-5 don’t have a very hard time in elementary school.” The withdraw a child experiences from not being in childcare is not being mentally and physically ready for school. The child has not learned to talk with other kids his age, ask questions from other people besides his parents and respect other people's property. Which are all big necessities children need when entering elementary school. When both parents work, they need somewhere to send their child. If parents don’t trust the child care system they put their child in, they will be at work stressed out, worried about their kid and distracted from their job. Being raised by a single mother with two children has made me care about child care and really see the importance of it. The struggles she went through to put my brother in an good, trustworthy and affordable child care system was ridiculous. She would text me at work, and ask if I thought he was safe. She refused to call the actual daycare because she was embarrassed. But can you blame her? This place was in the hood of Oakland California and she was paying half of what she should've at a good child care system who actually had an interest in the child. The cheap, affordable and sketchy daycare gave my little brother a joke as an education and left him behind on social skills necessary for entering elementary school. Future president, I ask that you make childcare universal, safe and beneficial for all children ages 0-5. Parents cannot afford proper and safe childcare, especially single parents. Unfortunately, they are reduced to sending their child somewhere they cannot trust and does not have the best interest for their child’s development. With the future in your hands and realizing that child care development is very important and helpful. I ask that you make child care reliable, safe and productive for families and more importantly, the children. Sincerely, Tyler

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