Julia t. Minnesota

College cost

College tuition costs more than it should and we should do something about it.

Future president of the United States

1600 pennsylvania avenue

Washington D.C. 20500

Dear, future president of the United States

My name is Julia and I am a student at Minnetonka high school who is concerned about college like every other student. I have a dream to go to UCLA but I may not be able to realize that dream because college costs so much. College has become so expensive over the past years and we need to do something about it.

College is a hard thing to deal with. If we lower the cost that students have to pay, the professors won’t be paid as much as they should and if we raise the costs, many students won’t be able to afford it. “Free college isn’t free, it simply shifts costs from students to taxpayers and caps tuition at zero” says Andrew P. Kelly from New York Times. Even the places that are supposed to be free and help students aren't actually free; someone always has to pay. I’m aware of the dilemma but when it comes down to it, education should be considered a right so we need to lower the costs of college so that people can get the education they deserve.

Many people want to go to college so they can have a better chance in their future and live up to their potential. By raising the cost of college we aren’t allowing students who could do great things for our country get a good education. “Only 66% of students with parents very concerned about finances applied to college, as opposed to the 90% of students whose parents are not concerned with finances” said Chris Pumphrey in his article about the “side effects of college cost”. Students are already worried about if they can get into a college but there are so many students who don't even apply because they know they can't afford it.

College cost isn't one of the biggest topics you need to handle but there are people with the potential of doing great things and having a college education will help get them to that potential. In my high school the students pay for lunches, snacks, football games, etc. My high school also relies on the communities donations to keep the school going. I believe that is something we should try doing with colleges. High school is free and we should try making college like that as well.

To conclude this letter I hope you consider my opinion on this topic and I hope you will help make it easier for smart, young students to go to college. Education should be a right in this country and by making college so expensive it keeps people from that education they deserve. Thank you for your time.


Julia T.