Natasha B. California

The Cost of College

The high cost of a college tuition is an issue for students across the country. College is priced as a luxury, but is viewed as a necessity. Perhaps something could be done to remedy this issue.

Dear President Obama,

My name is Natasha Bozir, and I am a senior at San Marcos High School in San Marcos, California, and I am writing this letter to you to discuss something that's looming on the horizon for me, and my fellow seniors. As I'm sure you're aware, many students like myself will be applying to colleges soon, and a large issue that we all face is the cost of tuition. Tuition is a necessary fee for college attendance, and many students will have to foot the bill themselves. Tuition in some states can be as high as two-hundred thousand dollars for freshmen attending colleges out of their state, and with the costs of books and housing, it adds up quite a bit. 

Students often take on jobs before beginning the enrollment and application process, but these are not enough to supply them with sufficient funding for the hefty costs they face in the upcoming years. Even if they maintain a job while in college, it's difficult enough to balance schooling and a job, without having to worry about making enough a week to be able to pay for a place to stay, and food, and books, and all the things that come with college. I personally know of quite a few people who will struggle to be able to afford all of these things, and even if they take on more than one job, the cost of going to all those jobs and school would nearly outweigh the benefits.

As students, especially college students, our primary worry should be about passing classes, and paying attention to lectures. It shouldn't be a concern for us whether we will be able to afford attending those lectures and buying the materials to help us succeed and earn a degree. For many of us, the potential costs of college seem to outweigh the benefits, and many of us feel like college isn't an option due to this cost. It's a tragic thought, but unfortunately it's the reality for many of us.

It would mean a lot to students like myself if there were more ways to receive financial aide. I understand that there are many grants and scholarships available, but many require essays or sports abilities, and some students don't have the kind of time to devote to essay writing that isn't for a class, or they're not very athletic. Regardless, it would be a great way to invest in the future of society, and ensure that the future is in good hands.


Natasha Bozir

Student at San Marcos High School