Lauryn H. California

Standardized testing

Our minds should be focused on education not profits for test companies

Our minds automactically focus on the cost of education because it is so high that we can't think about the learning part. How could you change that so our minds won't focus on the cost? Every student deserves a education. All students should be able to learn with out worrying about the cost.Education will help student be successful in the future which thats what society expect you to be "successful". I feel why hold our students back from being successful because of cost? .It do not matter what state or country every student should have a opportunity to have equal education and to be able to learn without worrying about the cost. All student will learn amazing skills that they can use for the future when they are successful. But there just one thing thats holding them back from learning and becoming this amazing person in the world.

I think this is a big issue for today society because of the learning system is that students are not getting to learn the fully education system. Every student should learn there numbers,alphabets,shapes, and etc .One thing that really not helping students today in the learning system is that they are replacing certain things in the education system that should not be important to talk about until they get to high school or junior high which is sex ed. One thing I feel they should be focus on is the economy, learning about other things that are  more important. I think sex ed is imporant for student to learn about please don't get me wrong but there other things that should learn about like the basic education curriculum but there shouldn't be a high cost for student to learn, I am wishing that the next president lower the cost for education and make sure students are learn the most important curriculum.