Samantha Ohio

Women's Rights

Many of the laws we have today do not consider gender equality, this shows that we need to continue to work on solving this problem.

Dear Future President,

I will get to vote in the next election, so I decided to think about some of the issues that I want my president to resolve. When I got to thinking, I soon began to realize that one problem that I connected to was gender equality. Although many may say that this issue has already been resolved, I am a female in a world where women are not treated equally to men, and I, along with many others, feel that is unjust. Women should be treated equal to men. The current policies ignore gender equality laws, proving that this issue is still far from being solved. If we succeed in wiping out gender inequality, it brings us one step closer to our ultimate goal, world peace.

There have been many attempts from a variety of organizations, to take control of the issue known as gender inequality. Some of those organizations are League of Women Voters, National Organization for Women (NOW), Object, The American Association of University Women, and The Association of Women's Rights In Development (AWID). These organizations have improved the amount of equality, but has yet to completely get women the rights that they deserve. Someone such as you, Future President, has the authority to do something to improve upon this issue, but will you? I want to live in a world where I will not be degraded because of my gender, where men and women receive equal pay when doing the same job. Sadly, in the world I live in now this is not the case.

Although I am a supporter of changing the world so that women receive more rights, not everyone agrees with me. Some may say that supporting women is being racist towards men. I find this one of the weakest counterarguments someone could make because people are supporting the idea that women and men should be treated equal, not that women should overpower the men. In order to be considered racist, someone has to be offending or degrading someone because of their race or gender. As of now, people are racist towards women, but if we give women the same rights as men, it would be making the two genders equal, not one higher in authority than the other, therefore that would not be racist. If gender equality is not achieved then women’s education is at risk. In some countries, women are forced to marry young. Many people may disagree, but marrying young does affect a woman's education. All around the world, about a total of 15 million girls that are 18 or younger get married every year. That means that 37,000 girls that are under the age of 18 get married each day. These girls receive poor education because they married too young. When they don’t receive proper education, the girls don't join the workforce. This drives up the poverty rates all over the world.

The government should fund and widely sponsor organizations that help get the word out there more. Another way that the government could help is that they could set more laws to help with treating women with the respect and equality that they deserve. A possible law would be one that requires equal pay for men and women when they are doing the same job with the same amount of effort. People in communities, living or work communities, can help out as well. They can recognize hard-working, friendly people, of any race or gender.

Future President, it is your responsibility to do what is best for our country, that is your duty as the President of the United States. Equality and fairness is what is good for our country. Men and women should be treated equally. If you change and add policies, it will bring us a step closer to reaching that goal. If you complete the task of gender equality, then you have succeeded in doing what was best for our country. You have to do something about this worldwide issue, because if you don’t, who will? People will just continue to sweep this issue under the rug, which means that women will continue to be degraded. But, if we actually put an effort into solving the problem, we can live in a world with more equality and more peace. Shouldn’t you be the one to bring attention to this issue and be the solution to this problem?