Help Close the Gender Gap That Has Always Plagued Our Country!

Please help raise awareness for an issue that continues to unjustly thrive in American society.

Dear Future President,

Women were viewed as the inferior sex since the beginning of civilizations and social hierarchies. We are only recently starting to acquire appropriate respect. Women received the legal rights to voting in American political elections with the 19th Constitutional Amendment on August 18, 1920, and white men have had this right since the beginning of our country. In the present American work force, a full-time working woman is rewarded 80 cents for each dollar a full-time working man is rewarded. These women are educated and able to work as well as their male coworkers. Unjust gender gaps are a persistent issue in the United States in many aspects of daily life, including everyday culture, and there must be a change.

Through social mediums and easy access to communication, the misogyny in American culture is blatantly obvious. Uneducated, ignorant people of both genders assume males to be the superior sex due to the way women are presented and incorporated into our culture. Whether a woman is portrayed as a helpless damsel in need of a man’s saving, a stay-at-home mom who relies heavily on her husband, or someone who belongs in the kitchen, dishonest stereotypes are buried deep into our youth’s minds. This sustains the stigma against the female sex that has lasted for centuries and is, unfortunately, still heavily present.

Feminism is defined as “the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities,” (Merriam-Webster). A popular argument against feminism is based on the idea of it promoting only women and dismissing men’s rights. This is far from the truth. It is reaching towards a united world where men and women live among one another with equality of life. Presently, women are not being granted what they deserve, and this is why current feminism is deeply focusing on women.

A major step to fixing misconstrued inequality is to enforce gender equality in the work force with equal wages and treatment. An endless number of women and I would be thrilled to have a future president put forth different ideas and programs to help raise awareness to the gender equality cause. Anything you are willing to do with your power and status to help this case be known would be an amazing step forward in the progress towards a future of true gender equality. As stated in the Pledge of Allegiance, we are “one nation under God,” and as one nation we should be treated, not as a divergence of male and female.

Thank you for reading,


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