Kayla Robinson New York

Abortions staying legal

Here in this letter, I will discuss why I feel abortions should stay legal and also include the counterclaim as well.

Dear Future President,

I want to touch base with you on the controversial topic of abortion. Many people all over the world believe in pro-life, which is keeping the baby, while others believe in pro-choice, which means it is the person’s preference whether she wants to keep or abort the child. We should continue to allow abortions to be legal because no one knows the circumstances as to why they want to terminate the pregnancy.

Women get abortions for many different reasons. One of the reasons is financial problems. They may not have a stable job to support the baby. They may not have money to pay for medical bills and such if something goes wrong.  According to womanissues.com, “Whether she’s a high school or college student or a single woman earning just enough to live independently, many expectant mothers lack the resources to cover the staggeringly high costs associated with pregnancy, birth and childbearing, especially if they do not have health insurance”.

Another major reason women get abortions is because of rape/incest. This is a significant reason women get abortions because the mother wouldn’t want to look at the child every day and be reminded of the traumatic incident that caused a huge turning point in her life. “How can you deny an abortion to a twelve year old girl who is the victim of incest?” (abortionfacts.com)

Some people may argue that abortion is unsafe. It is true that among women who had been pregnant at least once, the risk of breast cancer in those who had experienced an induced abortion was 50% higher than among other women (abortionbreastcancer.com). However the government or anyone else doesn’t know the circumstance that the mother has endured which has pushed her to come to the idea of getting an abortion.

           Abortion is a very personal decision for women and the government shouldn’t have a say in what happens to someone else’s family. There may be health issues associated with the procedure but the decision should be left in the women’s hands.    It is just meant to make sure the mom has a sustainable future, and that the baby who wasn't born, didn't have a life filled with neglect. I think it is very important to keep abortion legal. There are way too many occasions where it is needed, more than the reasons of why it should be taken away.                                



Kayla Robinson