Luke L. Ohio


Why deforestation is a bad idea.

Dear Future President:

Since you are about to become President, I would like to bring a major world issue to your attention. Major problems are occurring with deforestation across the world. According to the website Asia-Pacific Economics Blog, animals are losing their homes all across the world. According to the website Conserve Energy Future, one and a half acres of trees are chopped down every second, half of the world’s tropical forests have already been cleared, and at this rate, in 100 years, there will be no rainforests left in existence.

Many people say that deforestation is a good idea, because of endless wood and more area for growing food and industrialization. But it is, for the most part, not a good idea, due to animals losing their homes, rainforests being erased from existence, and more CO2 being released into the atmosphere. Many people don’t see the downsides of deforestation, and I want to change that as soon as possible. I have an idea that could possibly save thousands of trees and animals, and I was hoping that you could listen to it.

Mr. President, my proposal is to limit deforestation as much as possible. It would be wise to limit the amount of trees being chopped down per day in certain areas of the United States. Hopefully, this letter will bring this issue to the attention of you and the American people.


Luke Liss