cheyenne Oklahoma

Letter to the president (women's equality)

I wrote a letter to the future president, whoever he or she may be about my beliefs and ways I believe we can change as country for the better. I wrote about women's equality and empowerment.

Dear Future President

People are unaware of the impact their actions have on others, especially how they treat women and how certain situations can affect them for their lifetime.They way you treat the women around you can make them think they are not good enough, or smart enough to complete a task on their own or that they need a “man” to do it for them. As time has gone on their are people who have finally figured out the true way we should treat each other such as the toy companies making dolls to personify that a women can be an astronaut or a doctor or even an archaeologist. Treating women as if they were objects ( having a poll on who would be the best person to ask to prom “most beautiful”)is not ok. Another thing we must realize is that if you tell a little girl over and over that they aren't “good enough” or they aren't “smart enough” or that they are “too weak” then they will believe those things and as they grow older that is all they know so know they believe that they can't do anything themselves. They believe that they need a “mans” help to accomplish anything.Knowing that these actions are unacceptable is important because we need to realize that These events could cause physical, psychological, and emotional problems in the girls involved as they grow older such as eating disorders or self esteem issues.It is important to teach women at a young age that they are good enough, smart enough, and strong enough to do anything that they may set their minds to and that they do not need a “man” to do everything for them. It is important that people are starting to think of women in a different better way, that they are starting to realize that we are capable of great things just like anyone else. Same goes for women of different races they should have the same equal right as white women. I realize that these things take time and it won't just happen overnight but i believe with your help we can make the world a better equal place to live encouraging women and little girls around the world to do what they love no matter how much someone may tell them they can't. I think we should have more opportunities for women to express their passions and what they believe they were called to do. Another issue that is usually associated with being a women is abuse. There are many organizations that fund women to find a safe environment away from their abusive partners along with children that may be in that same horrific situation. I ask that you may take action and fund more organizations like this so that we may help stop this abusive cycle. I ask that we take a stand to these harmful ways. I understand that there is only so much power you may have in these areas or situation but i ask that you do whatever is in your range of power to truly change the world in a most wonderful way and help these women and stand up for women's rights. In many countries women are treated way worse then here and that is why i believe in funding some of these organizations because they do not just only help here in the U.S. but across the world they are helping put an end to this violence. I ask that we think of different ways to influence women and young children to respect themselves and go after what they want. More and more women are getting out there and standing up for these problems and just ask that we do the same, that we do the right thing and support these women who have fought for generations for the rights we deserve. There are several rights issues that still need to be looked at and considered such as the gender-based pay gap and education barriers we still deal with in today's society. I ask that you may continue to work with these issue that the minority groups still face that we may all be truly equal in every way.


Cheyenne Young