Paul L. Louisiana

ALL Lives Matter

My outlook on the Black Lives Matter movement

9 November 2016

Dear Future President:

Upon your arrival to office, you will be confronted with many problems, trends, and disasters happening all around the country. As your job of being in command of the U.S., I feel it is only right that I bring this topic to your attention. Facts show that out of the people killed by police in recent years, 42% were white, 20% were Hispanic, and 32% were black- even as blacks committed 39% of serious crimes that would result in a police confrontation. In no way is this to degrade the black community, rather, I am here to tell you that the Black Lives Matter movement is an unreasonable movement based on facts to back up death rates, ways of expressing their opinions, and most importantly, what they stand for overall.

As stated earlier, it is shown that African Americans have committed 39% of crimes that would result in a serious police confrontation. This in itself shows that the lives of African Americans are being put in danger by themselves. Yet again, facts prove that the likelihood of a police officer being killed by a black male is 18.5 times greater than an unarmed black man being killed by a police officer. These simple facts are strong enough to prove the organization wrong for what they are standing for. Taking the life of someone who lives to protect you is no way to make a good statement. Oppression from the black community is not only stirred up from whites, rather most chaos is done because of their own wrongdoings. Due to recent persecutions against black people by police officers, it would be reasonable for the African American community to support this group. Though seeming legitimate based on recent tragedies, the Black Lives Matter movement should be quickly shut down when looking upon the facts that support it.

Secondly, and could be considered to be the most important, the actions taken to advertise and promote this organization do not correlate with what they stand for. With a vow to protest peacefully, there have been cases where these “peaceful protests” ended up in a dozen police officers being gunned down and five lying lifeless in a pool of their own blood. Does this sound very peaceful? I think not. Although it is reasonable for one to take matters into their own hands when they are very passionate about a subject, I believe that this is against what the movement stands for. Striving to model a peaceful movement of that by Martin Luther King, the Black Lives Matter organization cannot seem to replicate his indelible work.

Finally, it is easy to point out how skewed the group is, simply by its name. The Black Lives Matter is agreeable and seems to be fair until you take a deeper look into it. By saying this, it is implying that other lives do not matter in a sense. This in itself is against what they all stand for which is why I think the organization is corrupt. In turn, the statement “ALL Lives Matter” is a more just and righteous saying. Anything against this would be considered, cruel, oppressive, and unfair to all people in America. To support a group claiming to be oppressed, the group itself must not downgrade any other races or ethnicities. It is simple reasons as this why the BLM movement is frowned upon by many people.

In conclusion, I hope as the future president of our nation you can take action and put an end to this group. It’s unjust thoughts and actions make for an unhappy place for many Americans to live in. Let’s change the Black Lives Matter movement into a trend that accepts all people. ALL Lives Matter. I hope through the facts of death rates of African Americans, non-peaceful protests, and immoral standings you can see what to do upon taking power in office.


Paul Laborde


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