Dylan Douglass Iowa

All Lives Matter

I believe that all lives matter and everybody of every race should be treated equally.

Some people think that certain lives don’t matter. I believe all lives matter. Everybody is put on this Earth for a reason. When people discriminate against somebody with a different color of skin, it is inhumane. Everybody has their rights and should be treated fairly.

There are many individuals who support the “All Lives Matter” cause such as Richard Sherman, a football player in the NFL, and Donald Trump, the republican presidential candidate. When people support “Blue Lives Matter” and “Black Lives Matter” they should just support “All Lives Matter.” The world would be much more peaceful if everybody supported and respected each other.

Colin Kaepernick,a quarterback in the NFL, kneels during the national anthem. He thinks he is supporting Black Lives Matter when most people see it as a terrible act. I honestly think he is disrespecting our country. Another act of violence is the police shootings and the protester shooting. I don’t understand how this started, but people make terrible assumptions about different races and people are going to react harshly. This is a major problem and I believe everybody should know that all lives matter.