Sissi California

The Homeless


Dear Future President,

There are several issues in the US, but one that stands out in my community the most is the problem of homelessness. This problem isn't frequent, this has occurred for several years and not just in my community, but around the world. After doing research, it is said that more than 81,000 people in the Los Angeles are homeless a night. Now those are really high numbers, and those few who are homeless, came to my community to live here.i live by a park that provides water and there is a nearby lake for the homeless to wash their clothes. In order to survive you need water, so these homeless take advantage. Alongside the lake are tents, not really made up of real tents, but made of of bags. There are about two three homeless people a tent. There was a row of homeless that lead to the park. So many homeless decided to come to my community and live here. I remember one day my whole family went out to eat, and on the way back, there were firemen and police. Since the park in community lead to another park, the homeless decided to continue onto the next park. Watching the news, they had explained why the fire trucks were there and the police; a homeless person was trying to warm himself up with a fire and it accidentally went out of control and there was fire almost everywhere. A house was almost struck by this fire. The police then saw the row of homeless and by the next day, all of them were gone. This kind of solved the problem because within the next couple of days, they either came back or more came. I just hope they don't be careless again and start a fire because there is a mountain really close to them and if they put to fire the mountain, a nearby school is in danger, and so is the park up onto the mountain. We have to make a change. Maybe make more shelters for those in need.


Sissi Gonzalez