Alexandra E.


On the subject of immigration, I feel as this is a very controversial topic that needs to be solved. As a teenager and former resident in Phoenix, Arizona, which lies on the border of Mexico, I have seen the first hand effects of immigration on a heavily populated city. The main reason illegal aliens attempt to cross the border is to look for a greater life in the United States of America. However, these people do not comprehend the political conflicts they stimulate. The main reason legal immigrants enter the U.S. is due to previous ties to ancestors who were immigrants as well. Most of these immigrants are seeking occupations in which they can support themselves, their families, etc.. Once they attain a job and are residents in the city, these illegal aliens are contributing to the increasing population, not only in border states, but across the whole country. I understand that these people are simply searching for a better fate in America. However, if these individuals want to have a new beginning, they should not start off by crossing into the United States of America illegally. To the future president of the U.S.: I hope you take this major problem that affects millions across the country of the United States of America. As a result of immigration, there is unnecessary job competition and a surplus of low-skilled employees. It us unfair for the citizens of our country to have arising conflict with those aliens who should not have been able to cross our border. To fix this ongoing problem, I feel as if the step of increasing border control would begin the process of eliminating illegal immigration. The United States Department of Homeland Security has estimated that there are approximately 11.4 million illegal immigrants in our country. This country needs a president who quit talking, and take action.