Natalie B. Wisconsin

"A Person is a Person No Matter How Small"

There is a problem in America that can no longer be ignored and it must be addressed, abortion.

Dear, Next President

There is a problem in America that can no longer be ignored and it must be addressed, abortion. Because of this cruel and inhumane act about 954,000 children in 2014, 983,000 in 2013, and 1.02 million children in 2012 were not born because of abortion according to state level data. We always think of the mother’s choice in these situations, not what the child could have attributed to this world. Of those 3 million could have been doctors, inventors, theologist, musicians, and maybe even one of our future presidents. But there was not even a chance for those children to become these things.

It amazes me that in America it is illegal with a punishment of up to $250,000 and two years in prison for killing a bald eagle, but it is endorsed by our government to be allowed to kill a child. It also intrigues me how people get so upset about animals being tested and being caused pain, but ignore the fact that we as a nation are killing innocent children. Our society has made it a norm to allow children to be killed simply because of the mother's irresponsible decision to be involved in activities that she was unprepared to deal with the results for. A child should not be killed due to its mother's irresponsibility, it was not the child’s fault.

Beside the fact of unprepared irresponsibility, the opponent may argue that many of the abortions are because of rape-related issues, but in reality, only one percent of abortions are reported to be due to rape (NAF). As for the emotional side to being raped, an abortion will not be solving anything for the woman, terminating the pregnancy will not change the emotional trauma that has already taken place, it may even create more emotional trauma. But to sum that thought up, a tragedy should not be met with another tragedy.

In conclusion, this heartless act of murder needs to become illegal, too many children have not been born because of abortion. Too many mothers regret the choice of terminating their child’s life, and never giving them a chance. Too many people don’t know the real facts about abortion and how it has hurt too many families. Even though Dr. Susse is a children’s author his quote explains my point perfectly, “ a person’s a person, no matter how small”.


Natalie Buchanan- Applegate