noah a. Minnesota

Abortion Shall Not Be Legal

Abortion should not be legal because this is killing innocent people. Abortion is legal murder.

Dear Future President,

"No women in the past would even think to kill her own child,” says Margaret R., "and more than 3 million people die each year and 700,000 are abortion."

I believe abortion should be looked at by the president immediately because the young mothers are taking another human beings life, just like going out on the street and shooting someone. It doesn't make sense; it is legal murdering. There are 10,123 abortions per year, and 27 per day in Minnesota. There are so many deaths per year and we just stand around let it happen.

This shall not be permitted. Some people feel that abortions shall still be legal. Their argument is that it prevents kids from being in a crowded foster home and they wouldn't have to wait their whole childhood in a random person's house. Others argue that the earth's population has to go down a bit and abortion controls that. There are some pros and cons, but it still is not enough to justify murder.

Make it illegal for abortion because letting each baby live provides more people to fight for us in different countries and an aborted baby could have been our next president. The world may never know.

Chaska Middle School East

Mrs. Johnson's 8th Grade Global Studies

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