Miguel W. Louisiana

Racial Inequality Should Come To An End

All citizens should be treated equally.

Dear future president,

Kurt Vonnegut, an author, once said, “The year was 2081, and everyone was finally equal.” These words remain effective to this day because we still do treat other races equally. Recently, many black Americans have been reported shot by police when causing no harm. These shootings have caused the Black Lives Matter movement. As our next president, I think you need to support racial equality.

To begin, the relationship between police and black Americans needs to be improved. The current president, Barack Obama, has failed to make this relationship better. According to PRnewswire, “... 83 percent of blacks feel the relationship between black Americans and the police has not changed, or has gotten worse since he took office in 2009.” Clearly, the efforts President Obama has put forth have failed. You need to make better efforts in order for the tension between police and black Americans to be relieved. Additionally, police do not treat white Americans and black Americans fairly. It is more likely for a police officer to treat white Americans better than black Americans. A percentage from PRnewswire states that “Seventy-four percent (74 percent) of black Americans and 84 percent of white Americans report being treated respectfully by police during their last police interaction.” As you know, police are supposed to make people feel safe. If all people are not treated well by the police, it is evident that the police will not be trusted nor will people count on them to ensure that our community is safe from all harm. Furthermore, black Americans are not treated with the respect the deserve. For example, many white Americans are not as worried about black Americans’ lives as the people of their own race. For example, two innocent black men have been shot that go by the names Castile ans Sterling. As PRnewswire states, “However, when it comes to the shooting of Castile and Sterling, white Americans’ strong concerns drop by over 40 percent.” All people's lives should be concerning to all people; people should have respect for anyone who dies, no matter what race that person was.

Once more, as our next president, please make efforts to end racial inequality. Too many black Americans have been harmed by others because of the beliefs these people have about black Americans.


Miguel W.

Patrick F. Taylor Science & Technology Academy

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