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Gun Control

Gun control issue

Dear Future President:

Gun control has been an immense controversy recently in the presidential election and the media. With the possession of guns being 88.8 per 100 people in the United States, and having a rough total of 270,000,000 guns, the issue of gun control does come up quite often. The disagreement surrounding the debate is if the second amendment, right to bear arms, should be protected or restricted. The problem with this argument is that it causes a huge diversity between the American people. There are strong believers that say it is their Constitutional right as Americans to be able to carry and own guns and/or other weapons. There are also individuals who strongly argue that guns should be non-permittable to any citizens. I believe that the second amendment should be protected because it is a constitutional right that we have to bear arms.

Pro-gun control supporters claim that stricter gun laws would cut down on gun crimes and make gun violence decrease. Interesting. Stricter laws will decrease crime? So, the criminals who use the guns, already illegally, will stop committing crimes because a law says they can’t do it? Isn’t that why they are called criminals in the first place? Because they break the law and/or don’t follow it? What makes anyone think that any of those statistics will change by enforcing stricter gun control?

The media has a huge influence on people’s decisions and feelings which is why the media plays a huge, maybe even the largest, part in this controversy as well. There is a gun-related crime nearly, if not, every day in this country and the way Americans react to the news is almost always dependent on how the media portrays it to the public. When news programs say, “handgun gun kills innocent person,” people, gun-control supporters, start to get mad that the government is not doing anything about gun control laws. That is why there is such a major division between the American people. Because of how the headlines of these types of crimes come across to the people. But, what those people fail to realize is that it is not the gun itself that kills all those people. A gun cannot shoot itself without any external force pushing down on the trigger. The cowards behind the gun are the minds who make the decision to kill a person; the gun is merely the object that seals the deal. By pulling the trigger, they have the power of deciding the victim’s fate. That is the issue no one brings up. Everyone is concerned about the gun violence sky-rocketing more than ever, but no one seems to be questioning the reason why crimes have gone up. This is the sole reason that there is another side of people who have a firm belief in the gun law amendment.

The supporters of the second amendment believe that owning a gun is a right, and justly so; it is written right there in the Constitution. Owning a gun gives people a strong reliable comfort in being able to protect themselves and their families against any danger or harm. Think about how helpless a parent would feel if someone broke into their house and proceeded to advance towards their children? Having a gun would give them a fighting chance to save their children against the intruder. This is the reason the gun law was put into place. People want to feel secure and safe.

Guns can be dangerous, that is true. But, they are only dangerous when the person behind the gun makes them dangerous. The second amendment is a constitutional right and should remain a right. 


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