Zachari B. Illinois

Future President

Can our future president actually make America great again?

Dear Future President,      

              Congratulations on you becoming the president of the United States! But I am unsure about what you want to achieve as president. However, I'm wondering will you actually make America great again? Can you stop the gun violence, police brutality, and many more that made this country go in the wrong path? I hope you can give us and especially black people more freedom and make this country equal. We want the same rights as others and we want peace. The reason why is because we want our president to focus more on the country instead of things that are out of the country. 

               Stopping Gun Violence will definitely shape up the country and will leave us at peace. Getting rid of gangs is very hard but, some of the people that use guns probably aren't even in a gang and they're just angry about something and want to express their anger. Stopping Police Brutality will increase the amount of freedom and peace we have in this country especially for black people. The reason why is because that's one of the main problems in this country and getting rid of that makes things easier to solve. I really just want you to fix up the black race and give them some freedom and peace.

                All I'm asking is for you to make us all equal. I don't want any race to be eliminated, taken away, or unequal. Gangs will take awhile to work around with but, as long as Police Brutality is problem solved, then we won't be seeing a black man killed by a police officer ever again. I understand that you have to deal with things in order to keep our country safe but our country still isn't safe inside. I just feel that you should fix the problems that are happening in this country like the Gun Violence, Police Brutality, and Racism. I want the United States of America to be peaceful and equal.