Breundis Y. Illinois

How are incarceration rates affected by weapon possession?

How will the future president's solution to gun possession be different than gun control?

Dear future president,

How will you address gun possession in the Black community? In July of 2016, more than 70% of African Americans were arrested for gun possession. I know some solutions brought up in some of the 2016 Presidential debates were that  gun control could be 'handled' by using the " Stop and Fisk" method, or in the words of Clinton, by taking away guns from "bad" people, or in Trump's words, following the method of Law and Order. But why use "Stop and Fisk" when it was declared unconstitutional? If Trump is going to be the next President and says that Police should use the Stop and Frisk method to control guns possession or weapon possession even though it was concluded unconstitutional, then what else would he enforce that was decided to not be a proper and humane solution to problems? As for Clinton's definition of "bad" people -- how would you take guns away from these "bad " people? On another note how can we look at the two spotlighted presidential candidates if all they do is bicker and argue like five year olds? 

How will you the leader of this "free" country control incarceration rates? How will the Black community benefit from your presidential term? How will your solution to gun control be different than this?

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