Chierren D. Virginia


Ways we can prevent divorce.

Dear President,

Have you realized how many people are divorced lately? Divorce is a topic that isn’t really talked about. However, this topic is very important to me because not only do I have divorced parents, most of my friends also do. I know trying to stop people from getting into a divorce isn’t really possible yourself, but I hope as the President you can find ways to prevent it from happening.

There are many reasons why people get into a divorce. Some people just don’t have time for each other because they’re busy with work. Another reason would be because the new generation do not take marriage seriously. On an online article on MSN Lifestyle: “couples who argue over financial matters are most likely to get divorced”. According to another online article on Heritage: “not only do couples fight over financial matters, 50% of parents move into poverty after divorce”. I, myself has seen my mom go through those things after my parents got divorced. The amount of stress put on the person after a divorce takes a toll on not only them but their family. An article on Heritage states that “1 million American children suffer the divorce and they are increasingly the victims of abuse. Children who suffer from divorce also exhibit more health, behavioral, and emotional problems and are more likely to have higher dropout rates”. I personally have seen this first hand with my sister. She never finished high school; and she was always going through educational and personal problems; to the point where she had to go to rehab.

The government can’t do much to stop divorce, because it’s a personal decision. Nonetheless, an online article on Teen Ink states that there are things the government can do to prevent it. Teen Ink considers: “holding more social events for families in communities can bring a family together. And the best thing the government can do is provide financial aids to people who are going through poverty after divorce”. I hope you consider these ideas to help with people going through a divorce because without any change, divorce isn’t going to go away. My whole life it seems like divorce is a normal thing. Most of my friend’s parents are divorced; and they all deal with it in different ways. Some of their parents can still get along, unlike mine. Their parents also have different reasons on why they got divorce, like how one parent cheated on the other or how they couldn’t get along at all. There are different perspectives to divorce, and how people think about the topic. Many people still don’t approve in getting in a divorce, or hope to not have to go through those things. Growing up with divorced parents, it makes me think about how I don’t want to get into one when I get older.

However, there are other circumstances where divorce isn’t necessarily a bad thing and there are many kids who grow up without having to deal with divorce and not even think about the possibility of it happening to them. It is understandable that people get divorced because they both agree that they’re not right for each other and mutually agree on getting divorced. Many people also go through abuse and divorce is their only way out. Please consider financial aids and social events to prevent divorce. Divorce is still increasing everyday and I hope that one day it can continuously drop and no one will have to ever think about getting in one because people deserve happy endings.


Chierren D.

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