Garrett W. Virginia

Carbon Footprint

Lessening human harm

Dear future president,

I believe that the government should start putting things in place to start helping reduce the carbon footprint and preserve the natural wildlife. Taxes on things that leave a large carbon footprint would be a good start, things such as cows which releases quite a bit methane gas. Other things such as encouraging cleaner energy sources such as solar and wind power would be a good idea. Cutting down on energy consumption in general would also work pretty well. Making more clean energy and using less will make the future a better place.

Protecting forests and preserving endangered species should be higher up in importance than it currently is. A very large amount of animals have lost their homes in the last few decades and many species are near extinction. Every animal has an important role in the food chain and is needed to keep order in the chain. An ecosystem can decline very fast if an animal with in it starts to disappear. Every species matters and should be protected.