Brent Michigan

Lyme Disease: The need for a change

This is my letter

Dear Future President,

When people hear about Lyme disease no one really thinks or gives it anything thought. Even though they could be dealing with it without even knowing it. But as you the president you would be able to educate people about the topic of Lyme disease. And show that is truly is an epidemic.

Lyme disease really is an epidemic.

The fact that mosquitoes are starting to carry Lyme disease, in this article “New culprit in Lyme disease” it says “ Researchers at the mayo clinic in Rochester Minn, have discovered a new species of a tick borne bacteria that causes Lyme disease”. We know that Lyme disease has been around for a long time as in another article I found called “ Lyme disease : Does it really linger ?” Which was posted in 1993 from that article it says ” since 1987 Ms. logan battled headaches, fevers, fatigue, progressive paralysis, seizures…. etc. “ Just from those articles alone Lyme disease has been around for 27 years and probably even longer. And know that we know Lyme disease is in mosquitoes it's even worse be able to spread faster since it's not just in ticks but as well as blood from affected individuals and mosquitoes.

Now a good solution for Lyme disease would be to educated people on bee venom looking at another one of my articles “ How bee venom saved my life” The lady in the article explains that “ Bee venom is active against the spirochete that causes Lyme. The protein called melittin is the active agent that moves natural remedy an antibacterial.” This shows even though it is natural it is still effective. As well as in the article it says “ Itś a potential painkiller and natural anti- inflammatory which is obviously helpful for the pain and arthritis symptoms that Lyme disease causes”. As you can tell bee venom can help with multiple things. But on the opposite side with bee venom the problem is if you're allergic to bees you wouldn't be able to treat with bees. Or your doctor does not support bee venom sense it's not FDA approved. But it still would be a good start and an add on to treatments for Lyme.

But with what I've shown you. As a country I think we should educate the public. And show that Lyme disease really is an epidemic. We should educate our doctors and the general public to help. As well as try to get bee venom as another type of treatment and bring more light to the subject. This would really benefit the fight to keep Lyme for becoming a bigger epidemic.