Haley S. Michigan

Abortion: Looked at Logically

Abortion is a huge debate, but by looking at the facts a type of compromise can be reached.

Dear Mr(s). President,

For a long time I have fought with the issue of abortion. My heart and brain have been battling and I finally found an answer. It is extremely important topic that literally divides households. So much time is spent fighting for each other’s rights, the rights of babies, and the rights of women. As President it is important for you to battle for the right way to end this long, arduous debate.

It is wrong to kill babies. I hope most feel that this is a concrete truth. Once a being is alive it should not be killed, everyone deserves a right to life. So we must ask ourselves, “When does life start?”.

In many religions life is considered to start when male’s sperm meets female’s egg. I would like to think this through, yes the point of having sex is to make babies, but modern-day America is not solely doing the act in order to produce offspring. An extremely small percent of Americans complete the act for only reproducing and it would be extremely unfair to force this traditionally religious belief on the whole population. There is a separation of church and state for a reason. America has sex and uses protection; ending a pregnancy at the point when sperm meets egg is virtually no different than using a condom. Are we going to outlaw using condoms?

I believe the only logically, scientifically based start of life is when nerves connect in the brain of the fetus. This is the only point when we know that the child is a human and not just a bag of cells. The being inside of the uterus could very easily be compared to a foot. Yeah it’s nice to have a foot, but we cut it off if we can’t handle it. The foot doesn’t have a brain that works. Doctor of Osteopathy, Sajid Surve, says that the rudimentary nervous system is not into effect until 14-16 weeks into the pregnancy, which means that the fetus is not able to process anything until this point. At this point ending the pregnancy is murder. If a baby is able to process in it’s brain that it is experiencing things, and has the ability to move-- this is murder. Before this point though, the ‘baby’ is practically just a bunch of cells that, if terminated would be no different than taking birth control, using a condom, or pulling out. 

Thank you,

Haley S.

Okemos High School

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