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Letter to the President

Celebrities are paid millions of dollars each year while military men and women are sacrificing their lives getting paid very little compared to them. I think that celebrities pay should be reduced so that our military men and women can support and provide for their families easier and can support them even when they are deceased. Celebrities waste money on pointless luxuries when that money could be used by our marines that need it most with such little pay.

Conor Donahue

3rd hour


Letter to President

Dear Mr./ Mrs. President,

Currently in the United States, we the American people acknowledge actors, actresses, athletes, and even famous Youtubers as some of the highest paid people in our country. They are paid millions of dollars each year, and they are paid these high amounts for the entertainment of the American citizens. But currently on the opposite side there are unfamous, courageous, brave men and women risking their lives for our freedom, leaving their families, struggling through traumatizing wounds and aftermath disorders such as PTSD, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and we pay them a fraction of what we are paying the famous people in our nation. We should be giving them benefits that they should already be entitled to such as free health care and a free education. However, many would claim that the athletes, actors/actresses, and Youtubers earned this money fair and square, and the U.S. military service people receive plenty of recognition through various fundraisers supported by the celebrities. On the other hand, I don’t think they need all that money, as it seems that all they do is throw it away on pointless luxuries such as, expensive Lamborghini’s and flashy jewelry. Whatever the justification is in our minds that we rationalize the high pay to these celebrities, it would seem that we could justify taking a portion of that pay and give to organizations to help support our U.S. war veterans and those in active service. Anything extra they receive would help to get them through the struggles they go through during and after war.

For those with contrasting views, they may say that our U.S. military men and women already receive plenty of recognition for their work on the battlefield, and they receive quite a bit of monetary support. Some examples of monetary support are; the NFL supports the military through a Salute to Service fundraiser that gives a thousand dollars to its three core non-profit partners, and they also give 2 million dollars to Wounded Warrior Program health and wellness expos. These are quite large sums of money and they help out our war veterans quite a bit, but these do absolutely nothing for those deployed overseas, making approximately twenty thousand dollars a year. They could make fifty thousand dollars if they make it to five years in the army. They are still struggling to put food on the table for their families back at home. There is no help for the now single mother to take care of her kid(s), and work a job to help support her family. Some of those who survive may receive the help needed to treat their awful wounds and illnesses, but those in current action receive nothing to support their families while they are gone. In addition, they do not do anything for them when they get back. Also, even though there is some help for those wounded, it does not help the families who lost their loved one in battle. The emotional pain they go through is greater than anything we will ever know. Even though their are fundraisers to support these families, it doesn’t begin to come close to what they need to pick up the pieces and move forward to support their family, not to mention, allow them to work through the deep emotions and possible depression. Wouldn’t you want some time to feel for your loved one, and become acquainted to being a widow or widower? I know I would, and a few extra thousand dollars each year could help the families out with this heartbreaking struggle. So really, the fundraisers and recognition do nothing for the men and women deployed and those deceased, because they don’t provide the money needed for these brave human’s to support themselves and their families when they are gone.

In addition to the counter argument presented in the previous paragraph, some may say the celebrities use their money wisely, and help boost our economy through certain investments they make with their money. These same people may argue that military men and women already receive plenty of health benefits and tax cuts. I do agree that some of the more intelligent celebrities do help with advancements in our economy, and those in the military do receive great benefits. But, in contrast there are plenty more celebrities that do nothing to advance our society, and actually waste so much money on luxuries that they go bankrupt. For example, Fifty Cent is a rapper who was once extremely wealthy, but now is bankrupt. He is bankrupt, because he wasn’t smart with his millions of dollars and wasted it all. All that wasted money could have gone to one of the many military men and women who are struggling through PTSD, injuries, or those who need to support their family. These individuals are unable to get ahead, because they can’t get by with the money and benefits given to them. Another highly paid celebrity would be Justin Bieber who spends millions of dollars on tattoos, fast cars, and multiple houses. These are all nice things to have, and is within his rights to have; however, he does nothing to support the military that gives him all of these rights and freedoms. If this selfish young adult gave a small percentage of his yearly earnings each year, it would benefit a young military man/woman to get treatment for his wounds, PTSD, or help support his family. These celebrities could cut a few hundred thousand dollars off their paycheck for those fighting for their freedom. Most of them are spending all their money on pointless material items. However, it could be said that military men and women do already receive benefits given to them by the government, so we should let the celebrities spend their money how they want. The military receives enough already. But these benefits such as the free education do little for the family when their loved one isn’t alive to use it, and the tax cuts only become usable for someone who has served for five plus years in the army. If you aren’t in the army for five years plus you simply get the free education that you hopefully live to use, the health benefits, and then the twenty thousand dollar a year paycheck for the first two year of service. This is if you even make it that far. Only nine point four percent of military men and women make it past their first two years of service. This affects these families that are without a family member, and have to now support a family on their own while suffering through the loss of their loved one. The family that lost their loved one does receive two out of the three benefits given to them. A couple hundred thousand dollars extra to their paychecks, however, would give that family time to mourn and get over their loss. All we have to do is cut a few hundred thousand dollars from celebrity paychecks, and give to our military. How much is that really asking of our American citizen celebrities to sacrifice just a little money to help those helping them, and sacrificing their lives for them. After all, we are one nation, under God, indivisible by liberty and justice for all. We can do these military men and women justice like they have done for us by simply taking what doesn’t even seem like a penny from our celebrities. Would you do it? I know I would after all they have done for us.

Thank you for taking the time to read this Mr./Mrs. President.


Conor Donahue

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