Will T. Oregon

Price of College

I belive the next president needs to address the cost of public universities.

Dear Madame President,

My Sister is a teacher, who just finished her masters. Her student debts cost more than her house payment and insurance. As a starting teacher, it would be impossible to pay for if it weren't for her husband's job. My sister just gave birth to my first nephew and I worry about what she is going to do to take care of him.

"1.3 trillion dollars." That is the number of how much student debt is owed in this country. College is a thing that is supposed to move you forward in life. Instead, when most young adults leave college they leave with crazy amounts of debt. Per year to attend a private college on average the price is $32,405, for a public in-state college the price is $10,318 and for out of state public colleges, it is $23,893. As a student, I know no one who has $10,000 to pay for college so most people have to take in some type of debt.

Many people now question, at my school, after looking at those numbers if college is really worth it for them, but without college, my sister could have never been a teacher. Most people's dream jobs require a degree, the difference between a job you have a degree for and the pay of a job just off of a diploma is a scary gap. A study by US News and World Report shows that people aged 25-32 who have degrees make $17,500 more than people with just a high school diploma.

We are in an education system right now that gives middle class and people in poverty no choice but to fall behind because of the amount of money college costs. Especially if you go to graduate school is more than half of an average US salary. President Obama proposed a bill to make community college free. I think this bill would be a good start, the important part about making college free to me is that it would be an easy process that would eliminate the stigma of how hard it is to apply for college.

I believe that tuition for colleges especially public universities should be free or at least feasible. When I look at the price of college right now and the student debts my sister has It makes me not sure if I want to go to college or not. I hope that you, the next president, can please work to lower the cost of college for schools. As the president your job is to protect the future of the youth and make sure they have a better opportunity than the ones before them, lowering the price of tuition would do that.

Will. T

Jefferson HS

Jefferson HS Students

10th,11th, and 12th grade students at Jefferson HS in Portland Oregon.

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