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This is about rights and equality.


Dear Future President,

You have won and been elected as the new president, so how are you going to help lgbtq+ get the rights and equality they deserve?

LGBTQ+ already have some rights and some equality, but not all their rights are respected . Everyone deserves equality. What are the things you could do to make lgbtq+ people feel safe and happy with who they are? They respect others, but others don't respect them. Everyone should be respected, no matter their sexual orientation.

Lgbtq+ have the right to get married since the Supreme Court made that decision. Some places that support lgbtq+ rights are Brazil, Washington and many others. Why not just let everyone get married anywhere and with the person they want? They also have the right to use the bathroom they feel most comfortable using in some places, but others think it is bad for them to do so. For example, incidents like what happened in a Philadelphia Kmart where a transgender wasn't allowed to use the girls' fitting room because he was born a male happens all too often. Another right we all have is that people can't deny employment , housing and health services, but many do so . Many also lose their children for the reason that they are lgbtq+ and some think that is not right for a child to be raised by two men or two women.

This issue matters because everyone should feel safe in expressing who they are. Like my god sister, it took her months to finally be able to tell her mom that she was a lesbian. It took her mother a long time to finally accept her the way she is, but at first her mother didn't want to know about her. She couldn't even stand seeing her.

You, as president, should insist that school teach about lgbtq+ and give more information about this issue to students and parents. People need to feel safe, so those people who do not respect the law and the rights of others need to be cited or fined. Help enforce laws that make public restrooms accessible for everyone. Why not let people get married wherever they like?  You, as president, should help the people by educating others about lgbtq+ and why they should have the same rights and equality as the rest of the people. The rights of lgbtq+ are respected in other countries like Brazil, Canada, Argentina and many others. So why is it so hard for this country to respect their rights?

These are some things you as president could do . This is an important issue to many people . This issue should matter to everyone because everyone is the same, and everyone deserves their rights being respected and having equality.