Jayden H. Oregon

A Message to Our Future President

Many people are judged not by the continent of their character but by the color of their skin and it creates problems when people want to do things, for example getting a job.

Dear Our Future President,

The election has been a very eventful with trumps statements and actions during the debate, this kind of thing has never happened in a debate before and it was very upsetting to see. Most of the debates weren't debates it was mostly bickering and fighting, Hillary would try to rebuttal every outrageous statements that trump made but, instead of trying to get even with the competitor we need to focus on the changes that will be made in our system and how these things will benefit us for the next 4 possibly 8 years. We have all of these shootings of young black males and none of the police responsible are held accountable for their crimes due to our system that protects law enforcement no matter what, we have people that are racially profiled and harassed by cops without any wrongdoing. Our country is just not what everyone claims it to be because i know for a fact that we aren't free.

The biggest issue in the country is the way people are treated in their daily lives. People are discriminated against everyday and it affects the way people live in a very great way. Black people are randomly searched and harassed in the streets by police that have no warrants. Arab people are harassed profusely after every terrorist attack, and latinos are always harassed for supposedly taken people's jobs when they come into the country illegally. The people that accuse them of taking jobs are the ones that hire them to companies for cheap labor. The U.S. is a broken country and we need to fix it before these racial discriminated actions ruin peoples lives drastically. The way this country thinks isn't based on the content of someone's character but only by the color of our skin or the culture we associate with. Nobody wants to get to know anybody for who they actually are, good people are being deprived of opportunities. Most of the police shootings happen because the police want to judge someone based on stereotypes instead of treating them the way they deserve to be treated. An Msnbc article stated that β€œNew York City runs a sweeping program that inspects predominantly minority males. Last year, under that stop and frisk policy, the NYPD conducted 532,000 searches of the city residents. A striking 85% of the targets were racial minorities-almost double their share of the population.” Black males are randomly checked without a warrant and most cops can't be trusted not to let their own beliefs or opinions get in the way of their objective. Nobody is there to monitor the actions of the police which means they could practically means the cops can do whatever they want with no consequences because most likely nobody will find out and even if they do find out they have a better chance of winning the court case.

There needs to be a change very soon because we can't live in a country where everyone is on edge because all it does is cause more problems and overall make this country very difficult to live and thrive in. Too many people are getting away with crimes, a select view get a slap on the wrist while others are shot in the street. We need to stop this soon before this gets really out of hand, we can save lives and help this country truly become a place people want to be.


Jayden Henderson