Zane P. Oregon

It's Time To Fix America's Broken Education System.

The education system needs to be fixed.

Dear Next President:

You absolutely need to fix our broken education system! I can not fathom how many egregious errors, rules, and regulations are made. These rules and regulations have been around since school was even invented. That means, it’s time to change. You need to change these “traditional” school rules.

An excellent example of these regulations is the fact that schools think that every single solitary child/teen learns the same exact way. This is obviously false. Proof? If all kids learned the same way, failure wouldn’t be a thing. What I mean by failure is that not all kids learn by rigorous testing and reporting. Some kids learn better by doing it hands on, or they learn better by talking to a teacher 1-on-1 (tutoring). There are many ways that kids learn, but they don’t all learn by rigorous testing and reporting.

The information I got above is actually not from a website where someone wrote some stereotypical, soppy letter. I got this information from a person who has the same opinion as I do (he can just word it better). Anyways, academics aren’t the only thing wrong with school regulations. Let’s talk about the quality of the buildings. I mean, you’ve gotta be kidding me, right? The quality of these buildings is simply just awful. Not just because the repair jobs are lazy and not done right, but because some of these buildings were established 60 or 70 years ago! You need to put some of your billions of dollars into remodeling these buildings, not into the military. The school I’m attending right now was built in 1953. The roof is leaking, the windows are old, uninsulated, and are often cracked or broken. The boiler needs to be replaced with a furnace. The ceiling in the gym is sagging and close to falling. Finally, the retrofitting jobs are simply terrible.

Last thing I’m gonna “rant” about is summer break. Did you know that summer break was originally invented because back in the wagon wheel days, there was no such thing as air conditioning? Because there was no A.C. (and the fact that school buildings back then were built with no insulation), the classrooms would become so unbearably hot to the point where students and teachers would die of heat stroke. That’s why we have summer break, and to be honest, (and I really don’t want to say this), but summer break can’t be around any more. Not just because it’s been around forever, but because students will be getting better educations if summer break wasn’t around.

Now here you are, sitting in your oval office, wondering why people are so stupid, and why our country is 17th out of 40 when it comes to education. We have to fund it. Now, you’re probably expecting me also to attack the fact that college is more expensive than renting a room in the White House, but no, I’m talking about the education system in general. As President, you have to fix these problems. I know you can persuade Congress.

Sincerely, Zane P.