Eva G. Oregon

pay equity

pay equity in the united states is a big problem.

Dear Mr./Mrs. President,

There are many things wrong with gender equity. Men and women don't get paid equally for the same job. There is a gender wage gap of 20 percent or sometimes even more. Women earn more college degrees than men and yet, they are still more likely to earn less than men do. Gender equity is a big problem in the United States. Men and women in the same work force should be paid equally. Woman can do the work men can, so why don’t they get paid equally? I think this issue needs to be addressed as soon as possible because everyone should be treated and paid equally. It should be addressed by having the president leveling up the wage gap.

The Institute For Women's Policy Research collects data of gender wage gap twice a year. Results show that women's pay is increasing at a very slow pace. The Institute of Women's Policy research has an estimate that women and men won't be getting paid the same amount until 2059, if it continues to increase at the pace it is now. If it takes men and women the same amount of time to be in school studying for their career job, why do women have to wait 43 years to get equal pay? People have found out that sex and race discrimination in a workplace can include pay, hiring, promotions, or even a certain job position.

Gender equity is very important. Men and women should be equal world wide. Men and women may have had different gender roles in the 1950’s but nowadays men and women both work and their pay should be equal. The Institution of Women's policy research gathered some data about gender wage gap and they stated “IWPR’s research shows that, irrespective of the level of qualification, jobs predominantly done by women pay less on average than jobs predominantly done by men.” Why should a man’s job pay more than a woman's job? Pay equity is very important. It wouldn't be such a big problem in the U.S. if the wage gap was not so big. Women are hardworking, so they shouldn't be working more than men and still earning less. What can men do that women can’t?

Woman have made tremendous strides in the last decade by going into occupations and jobs previously or still done by men. After women have studied and started working in occupations that only “men” do, women are still being paid less than men even after going through the same amount of training. There has been very little gender integration progress in the last couple of years. Men and women should both be treated equally and paid equally. One job that has had absolutely no process in the last decade is construction according to IWPR’s research. More than 25 countries that have closed their wage gap entirely and now pay women and men equally. Did you know if women got paid what they were supposed to, the poverty rate of working women would be cut in half.

Future President, I hope you take this letter into consideration and really make a change in pay equity. There is no reason why men should be getting paid more than women, if they are in the same occupation. Gender equity is also very important because men and women should not be treated differently. It does not matter your race, religion, or gender everyone is human and should be equal. This is a big problem in the US, and I hope you do something different to help everyone be equal no matter your gender, race, or your region.